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"Bruce McLaughlin and his paralegal, Tanya, were wonderful to work with.  Although my case was not a high profile case, I always felt as though complete attention was given to me as though it was.  I was kept completely informed on all aspects of my case, and received support, advice and, most of all, explanations in layman's terms I could understand.  Bruce's knowledge and understanding of the law always made me feel I had made the right decision to have him represent me. 

~Pamela C.

Written Testimonials | Law Office of Bruce W. McLaughlin, PLC

"Attorney Bruce McLaughlin has represented me since 2014 and has assisted me in several legal matters. He initially represented me in a personal injury claim from an auto accident.  Through his excellent negotiating skills, I was able to receive a substantial settlement, three times the amount the insurance company initially wanted to settle for.   He also assisted me through an extremely troublesome divorce.  Through his patience and persistence, I was able to get divorced and away from a very unhealthy situation.   If you are looking for a very professional legal service that keeps your best interests at heart, please look no further then Attorney Bruce McLaughlin and his staff. 

~Retired Loudoun County DFC (Deputy First Class) Peg Davison

"I hired Bruce to represent me to collect a long overdue balance a customer refused to pay.  He was a referral from a friend so, even though I had mixed results with attorneys in the past, I gave it a shot.  I had a lot of money on the line.  He took my concerns about the bottom line seriously.  I did not want to end up giving more to my attorney than the case was worth.  Bruce assured me there was no guarantees, but he was going to do the best for me and get the money we were rightfully owed.  He listened to my story and then went into action.  Within a few short weeks, the customer came in and paid his final bill.  Hiring Bruce was one of the BEST decisions in the 25 years I've been in business. 

~Tom Hunt

"I could not have navigated the legal system without the guidance of Bruce McLaughlin and his staff.  They were crucial to my case and did an excellent job representing my best interests.  My case was successfully mediated and
the settlement award was significantly higher than I could have ever accomplished on my own.  I am grateful for the support of Bruce McLaughlin and his staff."

~Former Personal Injury Client

Written Testimonials