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  • If you are an active, reserve or retired member of the Armed Forces I can help you.

  • I can help you with your divorce or estate planning concerns.

  • You should know that you have certain rights under the Servicemember Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”).  This law is a complete revision of the Soldiers and Sailors Civil Relief Act (“SSCRA”).

  • Under SCRA, I can help you to delay a court hearing if your military service requirements materially effect your ability to stay in the county and defend your interest on orders to ship you out of the country.

  • I can help under this Act to reduce interest to 6% on various loans and obligations you may owe as a servicemember.

  • Under this Act I can help you from being evicted from your rental property for non-payment of rent if the monthly rent you pay is $1,200.00 or less.

  • I can help you under the Act to terminate certain residential leases that you entered into prior to your joining the military.

  • I can help you under the SCRA to maintain your state of residence for tax purposes despite military relocations to other states.

  • I can help you to preserve your retirement income under the FERS and Thrift Savings plans in certain cases.
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I offer a 10% discount to all Retired and Active Duty Military

I have served 20 years in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General (“JAG”) Corps in assignments in the US and Germany.  As a legal officer with the military, I was a trial defense attorney and prosecutor, litigating everything from murder and rape cases to drug offenses for military service members charged with those crimes.  I also performed duties in international, administrative, and legal assistance law for the military.  I performed all kinds of work from negotiating Status of Forces Agreements in Germany to drafting Wills and Powers of Attorney for service members.