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An experienced criminal attorney can make the outcome of your criminal case considerably more favorable.  Because the stakes are so high, I can be a formidable advocate for you in your criminal case in court.

If you or someone you know find yourself facing criminal prosecution here in the Virginia criminal justice system, there are many benefits to obtaining a qualified criminal defense lawyer like me.  For a conviction on a criminal misdemeanor charge, you could receive up to one year jail sentence and a maximum fine of up to $2,500.  For a conviction on a felony charge, you could receive a sentence of many years in a Virginia penitentiary and significant fines.

  • Are you or a loved one charged with a either a felony or misdemeanor offense that could result in jail time?

  • Are you or a loved one in jail or being sent to jail and needs bond so that you can keep your freedom or your job while awaiting trial?

  • Do you have trouble understanding the difference between an Arraignment, a Preliminary Hearing, Motions, Trial, and other legal terms during the court process?

  • Do you want a lawyer who has worked extensively with the Commonwealth Attorney's office to negotiate on your behalf in order to gain a predictable outcome?

  • Do you want an experienced trial lawyer to handle your case professionally before a judge or jury?

  • Do you want that professional to handle your case without paying an "arm and a leg" for those services?
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